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Dental Implants – Beverly, MA

A Lifetime Solution to Tooth Loss

Over the past three decades, dental implants have become the premier way dentists around the world replace any number of missing teeth. At Beverly Farms Dental, they are usually the first recommendation we make to patients hoping to rebuild their smiles. Why? Because they are the next best thing to natural teeth, and they’re able to create a beautiful restoration that also safeguards a patient’s oral health at the same time. Interested in learning more? Read on below to see why dental implants are becoming more popular by the minute.

Why Choose Beverly Farms Dental for Dental Implants?

  • Custom-made restorations for every patient
  • Able to replace any number of missing teeth
  • 98% success rate & can last for 30 years or more

Benefits of Dental Implants

Closeup of woman's flawless smile

What makes dental implants so special? We’re glad you asked! Dental implants are distinct from other tooth replacements because:

  • They restore the entire tooth. Most traditional restorations only bring back the crown (top) of a tooth, but implants instead replace both the root and the crown. A small titanium post is placed directly into the jawbone, and this is used to support a variety of restorations above the gum line. This makes them extremely stable, plus they stimulate the jawbone and prevent bone loss.
  • They look just like real teeth. Dental implants are typically topped with 100% dental porcelain restorations, which can be colored, shaped, and sized to perfectly mimic any tooth in the mouth.
  • They function just like natural teeth as well. Thanks to their two-part construction and the high-quality materials used to make them, they enable a patient to eat a wide variety of foods without worry of slippage or breakage.
  • They are extremely reliable. When placed and restored by a highly-skilled dentist, implants have a 98% success rate and can be trusted to last for 30 years or more.

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Indications for Dental Implants

Older woman looking at smile in mirror

Dental implants are able to reliably help patients dealing with varying degrees of tooth loss, and our dentists can help you decide which of the following restorative options would be best for you when you come in for a consultation:

Missing One Tooth?

Animation of implant supported dental crown

A lone porcelain dental crown can be attached directly to an implant root to fill in the gap left by a single missing tooth. Unlike with a traditional bridge, this tooth won’t require support from the neighboring teeth, making it a better choice for someone’s overall oral health.

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Missing Multiple Teeth?

Animation of dental implant supported fixed bridge

Instead of replacing consecutive missing teeth with individual implants, just one or two posts can be used to support multiple prosthetic teeth, creating an extremely reliable and natural-looking bridge.

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Missing All Teeth?

Animation of implant supported denture

Even patients with extensive tooth loss can benefit from dental implants. Multiple implants can be used to anchor a full or partial denture directly to the jawbone, providing a hold, security, and bite a regular prosthetic simply can’t match.

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Partnered With Beverly’s Best Oral Surgeons

Several animated dental implant crowns

In order to make sure our implant patients only receive the highest level of care at every stage of treatment, we have partnered with an exclusive network of oral surgeons in and around the Beverly area to place our implants. These doctors have literally placed thousands of implants over the course of their careers, and many have worked closely with our dental office for decades. After a patient has undergone their placement with one of our surgeons, they’ll return to Beverly Farms Dental to receive their new restorations.

CBCT Scanner

A CBCT scanner being using on a male patient

Using our CBCT scanner, our dentists can better determine your bone structure and create a more accurate map of where your dental implants will be placed. These 3D images make it possible for our dentists to improve the surgical planning process of placing your dental implants from start to finish as well as ensure patient outcomes exceed normal expectations.

Unlike 2D images, the CBCT scanner’s 3D images provide bone dimension measurements that can determine if the bone is of high quality to move forward with implants; the shape and location of where each dental implant should be placed; and any potential abnormalities or problem areas that could hinder the success of implant placement. We will not only be able to ensure a great chance of successful osseointegration, but we will also be able to determine whether you might need pre-implant dental work (i.e. bone graft, sinus lift, etc.).

In fact, the CBCT scanner reduces the amount of time it takes to physically place each dental implant, and it minimizes the chances for complications by providing us with the information we need to make the dental implant process seamless and successful.

Some of the benefits of using a CBCT scanner with dental implants include:

  • A less-invasive procedure
  • Faster recovery process
  • Fewer risks or complications
  • Minimal time under anesthesia
  • Results that last longer

Understanding the Cost of Dental Implants

Smiling  man in dental chair

Dental implant restorations do tend to cost more than traditional bridges or dentures, but they are actually the most cost-effective option over the long term. Why? Largely thanks to their longevity. Regular bridges and dentures typically need to be completely replaced every 5-10 years, while dental implants can easily last for 30 or more, saving a patient thousands in maintenance and retreatments over time.

It should be noted that the overall cost of the implant procedure can vary quite a bit from person to person depending on their particular needs, such as how many teeth they want to be replaced and where they are located in the mouth. How much will dental implants cost for you? We can tell you everything you need to know at a one-on-one implant consultation, so call us today to schedule one.

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