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Relieve Sensitive Teeth – Beverly, MA

Enjoy Hot and Cold Foods and Beverages Again

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Do you cringe whenever your teeth come into contact with hot or cold substances? You might even shy away from your favorite treats, such as hot coffee or a refreshing glass of ice water. The good news is that you do not have to live with your discomfort forever! At Beverly Farms Dental, we are proud to offer relief from sensitive teeth via the Vanish XT system.

Why Choose Beverly Farms Dental for Sensitivity Relief?

  • Advanced Vanish XT provides outstanding results
  • Enjoy all of your favorite foods and drinks again
  • Quick, painless process

Reasons for Sensitive Teeth

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The most common cause for sensitive teeth is thinning enamel. Tooth enamel is an extremely hard substance, and it is designed to protect the sensitive inner layers of the teeth from being irritated by outside substances. However, if the tooth enamel is not thick enough, hot and cold temperatures can penetrate it. Then, the tubules inside the tooth can transmit those temperature changes to the tooth’s nerve, which in turn sends a pain signal to the brain. Enamel can be thin due to genetics, overconsumption of acidic foods and beverages, and other factors.

Teeth may also become sensitive if the gums recede and expose the tooth roots. Because tooth roots have no enamel to protect them, they are naturally quite sensitive to temperature changes.

In some cases, dental sensitivity is due to a more serious issue, such as advanced decay or an infection in a tooth. When you visit us for a checkup, our team will assess your oral health and let you know why your teeth are in pain. Then, we will recommend a treatment. As long as you do not have any serious oral health problems, Vanish XT will likely be the best solution.

What Is Vanish XT?

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Vanish XT is a combination of fluoride and other minerals that we apply near the gum line. After it is on the teeth, we harden it with a special light. It works by sealing the tubules in teeth that were transmitting the hot and cold temperatures to the teeth’s nerves. Immediately after your Vanish XT appointment, you can go off and enjoy that bowl of ice cream or that steaming cup of tea that you’ve been craving!

Benefits of Vanish XT

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Benefits of Vanish XT include:

  • It is a proven way to relieve dental sensitivity
  • It delivers minerals to the teeth and can help protect them from demineralization and acid erosion
  • The protection it delivers extends beyond the actual border of the Vanish XT coating
  • Once applied, it can last for six months or longer — if you get it applied at each of your biannual preventive appointments, you may never have to worry about sensitive teeth again!
  • It is virtually invisible on the teeth
  • Vanish XT is “recharged” when you brush your teeth with a fluoride-containing toothpaste, which helps its benefits last as long as possible
  • The application process is fast and painless; we will not even dry your teeth to place Vanish XT on them

Are you ready to say goodbye to sensitive teeth and hello to your favorite foods and beverages? Contact us to learn more about how Vanish XT may be able to help! 

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