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Dental Crowns – Beverly, MA

We Can Protect and Restore Your Teeth

Single dental crowns are the most common restorative procedure in the United States. At Beverly Farms Dental, our experienced team crafts attractive, durable restorations to protect and restore damaged and decayed teeth. In just two easy trips to our conveniently-located office, you can replenish your smile with a long-lasting dental crowns. To schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Blake or Dr. Staniek, contact our office today!

What is a Dental Crown?

Different types of dental crowns

A dental crown is a popular type of restoration that fits on top of a compromised tooth to restore its shape, size and function. You can think of a crown as a protective cap for a tooth that has been weakened by decay or has been slightly cracked or damaged. Crowns can also enhance the appearance of misshapen or undersized teeth.

You may be a good candidate for a dental crown if you have:

  • Broken, cracked or fractured teeth that need to be held together
  • Teeth that have undergone root canal therapy
  • Discolored, small or misshapen teeth
  • Teeth that have large dental fillings, which can weaken the walls of teeth

What are the Benefits of Dental Crowns?

How a dental crown works

Dental crowns from Beverly Farms Dental offer a range of benefits, such as:

  • Outstanding Protection – Crowns protect natural teeth from further decay or degradation and often can prevent the need for extraction.
  • Boost Appearance – Tooth-colored dental crowns can conceal discolored or misshapen teeth, boosting the appearance of your smile and helping you reclaim your confidence.
  • Chewing Support – Dental crowns are extremely durable and can withstand normal chewing forces. This means you can eat all your favorite foods without worry!
  • Custom Restoration – Each crown is individually crafted to meet your specific smile needs.

What Materials are Dental Crowns Made of?

Matching crown to natural teeth

We offer dental crowns made from a variety of durable, long-lasting materials. The different types of dental crowns each have their own unique advantages. You can choose from among the following dental crowns at Beverly Farms Dental:

  • Porcelain-based ceramic – Often used for front teeth, as this natural-looking material can be matched to the color of surrounding healthy teeth.
  • Porcelain fused to metal – Extremely durable and provides a stronger bond than regular porcelain crowns.
  • Silver – Actually made from a combination of metals, “silver” crowns are highly resistant to corrosion and very durable. Often used on less visible teeth like molars due to its dark color.
  • Gold – Usually a mix of gold, copper and other metals. Provides a strong bond to the tooth and doesn't fracture.

How Long Do Dental Crowns Last?

Woman smiling at dentist office

On average, dental crowns last anywhere between 5 and 15 years – but can often last many years longer! Properly caring for your dental crown can help it last as long as possible. To ensure your crown remains a part of your smile for many years to come, be sure to follow these tips:

  • #1: Keep your teeth, including your crown, in good shape by brushing twice a day for a full two minutes each time and flossing daily.
  • #2: Avoid chewing on hard items like ice, popcorn kernels or hard candies to prevent damaging your crown.
  • #3: Wear a mouth guard at night if you often grind your teeth, as this can wear down your crown or even cause it to pop off.
  • #4: See a dentist every six months for a routine checkup so your dental professional can identify and remedy any issues with your crown that may arise.
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