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4 Bite Problems Invisalign Can Fix

February 3, 2023

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person correcting bite problems with Invisalign holding tray and smiling

Invisalign treatment has been a popular alternative to braces for many years. It gives patients the ability to discreetly straighten their smiles since the aligners are nearly invisible. Additionally, just like with traditional braces, Invisalign can correct a range of bite problems. Continue reading to learn about 4 bite problems that can be fixed with Invisalign.

#1: Underbite

When the bottom teeth sit in front of the upper teeth a person has their mouth closed, this causes an underbite. This usually happens when the lower jaw grows faster than the upper one. Having an underbite may make it hard to eat and speak properly. It can also cause excessive dental wear.

When used with attachments like elastics, Invisalign can fix this bite problem. The elastics will connect the top and bottom aligners to create resistance between them to help guide the jaw into the right position. People with severe bite issues or older patients may need traditional orthodontics to correct an underbite.

#2: Crossbite

A crossbite refers to when the bottom teeth sit in front of the top ones. This issue can sometimes be fixed with Invisalign. This may be a good option for those with slight crossbites that only require the movement of one or two teeth. But, if your crossbite is more severe and involves multiple teeth, you may need traditional braces. There are two main kinds of crossbites, which are:

  • Anterior – The lower front teeth fit over the top ones.
  • Posterior – The lower back teeth fit over the top ones.

#3: Open Bite

An open bite happens when the bottom and top teeth don’t touch when one’s mouth is closed. This bite issue is one of the least common, and it develops when the jawbone grows at the wrong rate.

Other potential caused of an open bite include childhood habits, such as thumb, finger, or tongue sucking. This is because these things may prevent normal biting and can lead to issues with tooth eruption or eating problems. Luckily, Invisalign moves the teeth so that they meet properly.

#4: Overbite

This occurs when the upper teeth stick out too much. A slight overbite is normal, but a larger one makes the teeth on the top more susceptible to damage and wear.

When used with a mandibular advancement appliance, Invisalign can shift the jaw into place for patients under age 12 as it continues to grow. Invisalign with elastics may help patients over age 12 by gradually moving the jaw into the right position.

About the Practice

Beverly Farms Dental is an exceptional practice consisting of Beverly-based oral health professionals who show each and every patient the compassion they deserve. They administer a range of treatments, including Invisalign to correct crooked beams. These clear aligners can fix a range of bite issues to give you a gorgeous grin you’re excited to show off. To make an appointment with Beverly Farms Dental’s team or to learn more about Invisalign, call their office at (978) 927-3515 or visit their website.

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