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Why are Dental Implants So Successful?

September 15, 2022

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A dentist discussing dental implant success with a patient

Maybe you’ve heard of how successful dental implants tend to be. In fact, they currently have a success rate of over ninety-five percent! Even so, you may wonder just *why* they work so well. More specifically, you’re likely curious about what makes dental implants so effective. The short answer is that they have unique features that make them great tooth replacements. If you want to know more, though, your Beverly dentist can tell you. Read on to learn four things that contribute to dental implant success.

They Preserve Your Jawbone

Missing teeth put you at risk of facial collapse, a condition that gives your face a saggy and hollowed appearance. They leave behind empty spaces that trigger more tooth and bone loss, which then causes your jawbone to erode. If this process goes far enough, it can even leave you unable to chew or speak properly.

Fortunately, dental implants stop this outcome from happening. By fusing with your jaw, they stimulate your jawbone to preserve bone tissue. As a result, they prevent facial collapse caused by missing teeth.

They Look & Work Like Real Teeth

Compared to dentures and bridges, implants work and appear more like real teeth. For starters, their titanium material helps them fuse with your jaw and so remain secure. Furthermore, their porcelain layers are lifelike enough to blend seamlessly with other teeth. Given, therefore, how well they restore the function and look of smiles, it’s no wonder that implants are considered great restorations.

They’re Long-Lasting

Implants are successful partly because they’re long-lasting as well. Their durable, decay-resistant titanium helps give them an average lifespan of fifteen to twenty years.

Still, implants can last even longer if they’re well-maintained. In that case, their lifespan can reach up to thirty years!

They’re Placed by Excellent Dentists

Implants’ success also stems from how expert dentists are the ones who place them. Given their post-graduate training, continuing education, and years in the field, implant specialists usually are pretty skilled. It only makes sense, then, that those certified to place implants will be quite good at it. Plus, most dental practices won’t offer a procedure if they aren’t confident in its chance of success.

As you can see, there are good reasons why dental implants are successful for so many people. Talk to your local dentist to see if these prosthetics could work for you.

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